Bakery Cases - Dry & Refrigerated

Showcase Your Bakery Items Like They Are Meant to With These Display Cases

Keep your bakery business up and running by choosing from a complete line of bakery display cases that not only keep your bakery products fresh and healthy but also showcase them in a manner that pleases your customers. From pies to cookies and cakes to much more, keep anything in these cases that make you stand out and bring customers right into your shop.

Our selection of display cases for the bakery includes refrigerated bakery glass display, 4-sided glass display cases, used Deli display cases for sale, and many others. The 4-sided glass design is ideal for creating a better viewing window for customers and allows more light into the case. Similarly, our refrigerated counter display cases are designed to protect your items from contamination yet keep them fully visible. No matter which bakery product you want to display, our range of display cases are your best bet if you desire to highlight them in such a way that draws eyeballs from a distance.

Why Buy Bakery Display Cases From Gillette Restaurant Equipment

Buy Display Cases from Gillette Restaurant Equipment for the following reasons:

Durable: Our bakery display cases are made from premium quality glass that is scratch resistant and durable enough to stand the test of time and everyday use. Other than glass, they include sturdy metal that does not rust or deteriorate for years, no matter where you place them.

Superior Technology: Some display cases, such as refrigerated display cabinets, feature cutting-edge cooling technology that maintains a uniform temperature inside the unit to keep the items fresh and healthy for days or even months. The use of superior technology also keeps your energy bills low, adding to your bottom line.

Unique Designs: Each counter display case is creatively designed to allow for a better viewing opportunity for customers. Plus they will occupy little space in your store.

Cost-Effective: Our display cases are available at unbeatable prices, enabling you to kickstart your bakery business without breaking the bank.
Gillette Restaurant Equipment also stocks used Deli display cases for sale to fit your needs and budget. They are in excellent working condition and still look new. If you have a cap on your budget, you may want to consider buying from our used collection of display cases and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Why Choose Us

Gillette Restaurant Equipment is one of the most trusted and renowned providers of restaurant and bar equipment and supplies, serving business for years. Our unwavering commitment to delivering premium products has made us the top pick among our customers in a short span.

Besides providing you with top-notch counter display cases, we also offer quick delivery of the products to your doorstep. To ensure you a smooth user experience, we also back our products with exceptional customer service. Should you have any trouble using our products, we suggest you contact our team, and we will be happy to assist you in every possible way.

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