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Stock Up Your Bar With Quality Bar Sinks

Gillette Restaurant Equipment offers a complete line of these bar sinks to help your staff do their job efficiently and effectively. Our selection of bar sinks includes everything you need to keep your bar up and running, from cocktail underbar sinks, stainless steel bar sink, bar sink with drainboard, and many others. No matter which type of sink you are looking for, be rest assured that you will find it at our store at the lowest price possible.

What are bar sinks?

A bar sink is a crucial piece of equipment for every bar and restaurant as it helps them store bottles, prepare drinks, wash or sanitize glasses, and drain leftover drinks efficiently.

Traditionally, bar sinks used to have three sink set-ups — one for rinsing, one for soaking and scrubbing, and one for sanitizing glassware. But nowadays, since most bars have dishwashers, you can also fill t0olhese sinks with ice and store your drinks, and have an easy time preparing them for your customers.

Most of these bar sinks also come with a drainboard that efficiently drains your leftover beer, wine, or any other drink while preventing other waste such as straws, food leftover, and others from clogging the sink.

What Gillette Restaurant Equipment has for you

Our extensive collection of bar sinks comprises stainless steel bar sinks or other durable material and feature productivity-enhancing designs. They come with 1, 2, 3 bays and may also be customized to fir your needs. These underbar sinks are made from premium stainless steel for extended longevity and enhanced functionality.

As a renowned bar equipment and supplies provider, we also stock used bar equipment for sale, including bar sinks that are in excellent condition and ready to be installed in your bar or commercial kitchen. These used sinks are a perfect option for those facilities that are new and have a budget constraint.

We welcome you to choose from a wide selection of bar sinks today and give your bar a much-needed amenity.

Let us help you choose the right bar sink

Since bar sinks come in a range of styles, sizes, and configurations, it can be difficult to choose the right sink that meets your needs and space requirements. Considering the importance of having a sink that fits your space and budget, we also offer consultation to help you select the right product for your bar or kitchen based on your space layout and design.

If you have any questions regarding our bar and cocktail units, feel free to contact us today and let us know how we can brain your vision of running a bar into reality.