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Choose from a complete line of ice machines designed to help you best serve your customers while saving you thousands of dollars on energy and initial costs. At Gillette Restaurant Equipment, you will get hands on best-in-industry ice maker machines that not only enable you to meet your ice production needs but also fit your budget and space. Whether you are looking for a used ice machine or restaurant equipment, you have come to the right place.

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Choosing Between Air Cooled Vs. Water-Cooled Ice Machines

At Gillette Restaurant Equipment, we keenly understand that there are significant differences between air-cooled ice machines and water-cooled ice makers. And we also understand that not everyone knows these differences. That is why we are here to help everyone choose the right type of ice machine for their needs.

Air Cooled:

Simply called Air-cooled, these machines use air to transfer heat out of the unit. They include internal fans and vents that help circulate air inside the machine, and when that air flows through the condenser coil, it traps the heat and gets out of the vent located at the back or side of the machine.

Water Cooled:

Contrary to the air-cooled model, water-cooled ice machines use water to throw heat out of the unit. In these models, the coil releases heat into the water, which then gets drained out of the system. They are best to be used in warmer environments since their performance does not get affected by the environment.

Air-cooled ice machines are more popular than water-cooled machines because they are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than the latter. However, they may not be a good option if your business operates in a hot region. In that scenario, water-cooled ice machines work best, though they use more water and consume more energy. Water-cooled used restaurant ice machines are ideal if you have a recirculating water system.

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