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Buy Used Ice Cream Sundae Glasses

Looking for glasses & dishes to present your new, fun sundae flavors this summer? You have come to the right place. We offer used ice cream sundae dishes in a wide variety of styles that will make your specials look even more mouthwatering! These look amazing, are durable, and are easy on the wallet too. The best part is that they make your preparations look even better and help to preserve them while your customers dig in!

Invite your customers to go on a journey with you - a journey to the time when they were little kids and got excited when they saw sundaes! Just give them a blend of their favorite ice-cream flavors and toppings in our beautiful dessert dishes to make them smile.

Affordable, High-Quality Ice Cream Sundae Dishes

Double the scoops, double the fun. That’s what we love about our sundaes. What makes them all the more yummy are their toppings - sprinkles, nuts, fruits, and whipped cream… the list goes on. They are a sight to behold!

Show off your offerings and get them the attention they deserve from your customers with our used ice cream sundae dishes. Whether it’s everyone’s favorite - the banana split sundae, the classic hot fudge sundae, or a unique invention of your own, these glasses will ensure that your sweet offerings make heads turn. You can also use these to serve your signature cocktails and fruit salads in your restaurant!

Sundaes are crowd-pullers. Your customers are sure to make a beeline for your ice-cream shop or restaurant when the days start getting hotter, and they are going to want their orders fast! To bowl them over and to ensure that they keep coming back for your sundaes, make sure that you have the right ice-cream equipment and supplies. You will find them all here at Gillette Equipment.

Your Ultimate Destination For Used Ice-Cream Equipment

Ice-cream-making equipment can be extremely expensive. Why break your bank when you can get used ice cream machines and equipment you need at affordable prices? That’s right! We have a wide variety of elegantly crafted sundae glasses, soft serve machines, and ice cream dipping cabinets on our website.

If you are planning to open a dessert shop, an ice-cream parlor, or a restaurant, you are sure to find all the ice cream equipment you are going to need at mind-blowing prices! Just go through our inventory and place your order. Have a few questions? Our experts would love to answer them for you. Give us a call today.