Tom Chandley A6MK4 MTS 1-2-8 Bake Oven with Steam

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1,100.00 LBS

USED ♦ STAINLESS STEEL Selected for the outer shell and baking chamber for its durability and long life properties.  ♦ HEATING ELEMENTS All elements are manufactured in our own electronics department. As we are confident that this provides the best quality and reliability for our customers.  ♦ 24 HOUR TIME CLOCK The time clock allows the oven to be switched on or off automatically to any pre-programmed time.  ♦ MELLOW BAKE The combination of the Ceramic Tile baking sole and the expertly graded heating elements on each deck offers a truly mellow bake.  ♦ STEAM DAMPERS Steam dampers are fitted to each deck, providing control of the steam.  ♦ PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMMES Our Service Department can advise on a range of maintenance and preventative maintenance programmes.  ♦ BAKE TIMERS Fitted to each deck providing both visual and audible alarms when baking time is complete.  ♦ HIGH CROWN/LOW CROWN DOORS Standard doors are 6 inches in height, but where a higher overall height is required, 8 inch doors can be selected.  ♦ CONTROLS A choice of controls is offered from electro-mechanical to Turbo – the latest in electronic oven controllers storing temperature, steam and bake settings.  ♦ POWER 3-phase power is required. The total kW loading can range from 10kW to 80kW depending on the size of the oven. You will need to check with your local electricity supplier to determine how much power you have available.
- Single Deck- Comes with 4 Stones, Dimensions: 60" (W) x 48" (D) x 65-1/2" (H). 30 day warranty from date of sale. HOLYOKE