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200.00 LBS

Hobart Dough Mixer Designed with Convenience in Mind

Struggling with making doughs or batters in-house? No More! With Hobart A120T 12 QT mixer, you can mix just about everything, from buttercream frostings and whipped cream to mashed potatoes and much more, without hassles. This electric dough mixer from none other than the industry’s best, Hobart, makes dough or batter preparation as easy as pie. Whether you run a bakery or food service business, this is what you need to streamline your food preparation process.

Product Specifications

This Hobart A120T 12 QT kitchen mixer machine runs on 115V and features a 3-speed gear transmission for effective mixing, whether you want to make pizza dough or batter. Made from heavy-duty material, it has a sleek contemporary design that makes it ideal for every kitchen. It also comes with a whisking bowl that eases up your troubles of mixing ingredients. For kitchens looking for a heavy-duty, industrial electric dough mixer, this is the one to buy, fulfilling their food preparation needs without struggles. 

Benefits of Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer

Hobart is a leading name that designs and manufactures world-class kitchen supplies and equipment to support commercial kitchens and the food service business. Hobart Spiral mixers and planetary mixers are available in a range of sizes to meet your kitchen application. When you buy Hobart A120T 12 QT mixer, you enjoy these benefits:

Ease of use

Hobart’s every model of commercial kitchen mixers is easy to use and operate, helping your kitchen members do their job efficiently and effectively.


Regardless of the size of your kitchen and the orders you receive, a Hobart spiral mixer will help your staff make dough within minutes and enable you to serve your customers fast. This time-saving benefit of an electric dough mixer comes in hand when you have no time to prepare the never-ending orders of customers.

Consistency of dough

Making dough and batter by hand is scary and time-consuming. Plus, most people fail to achieve the consistency they want in the dough. However, with a Hobart dough mixer, they can make soft and smooth dough easily.

Easy to clean

Because of the unique, sleek design and the removal bowl features, cleaning Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer is a breeze.


Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer is a commercial-grade mixer that enables you to make the dough, batter, and much more.


Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer is made with Hobart quality in mind, withstanding the test of time with ease.

Buy Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer

If you are looking for a used Hobart Mixer for your commercial kitchen, Hobart A120T 12 QT Mixer is the ideal choice for you. Buy this used piece available in Holyoke at a special discounted price today.

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