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1.00 LBS

Dishwasher, undercounter, high temperature, with StemsSure? soft start to protect glasses & dishes from chipping & breaking, (25) racks per hour capacity, 141 second cycle, top mounted controls with prime switch, 15-3/4''H door opening, door safety switch, advanced digital thermometer monitoring, stainless steel top & side panels, quiet double-wall construction, detergent & rinse aid pumps, pumped drain, built-in electric booster for 180øF final rinse water (standard 40øF/22øC rise), rinse sentry ? extends the cycle time to ensure 180øF final rinse, low-water tank heat protection, automatic tank fill, (1) peg rack, (1) flat rack, 1 HP wash pump motor, fill & dump operation, Shear Energy ? a reduction in energy requirements while maximizing performance, Multi-Power ? includes: Multi-Volt & Multi-Phase (Allows for infield conversion to 208-240 volt and/or single to three phase with ease), NSF, cETLus